Nike Air Jordan Shoes: History & Pictures (1985-1999)


Many things can be said about the Nike Air Jordan line of shoes. But one statement is indisputable: The Nike Air Jordans are the most iconic basketball shoe ever created.


Nothing else comes close.

The popularity of Air Jordans surged with the popularity of their namesake. The first pair of Jordans were sold in 1985, but weren’t instantly dominating the world of athletic shoewear. It wasn’t until Jordan began leading his Bulls to championships that his, and his shoes’, popularity soared to unprecedented heights.

Michael Jordan is the most popular and well-liked athlete of all time. So it makes sense that his shoes would reign supreme. Aided by the Nike marketing machine and great designers like Tinker Hatfield, the Jordan brand is still the most valuable sports brand in the world today.

Which pair did you have? I had two pairs of Vs, black ones with the number and white ones with the number. I have no idea where they are now and it’s kind of sad. I probably traded them for a Sega Genesis in college.

But you probably didn’t come here to read, you want to look at pictures! Below are some pictures of original Jordans — not retro (reissues). Jordans came in many, many more colors than we have pictured here, enjoy!

Original Vintage Nike Air Jordans (1985-1999)


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