The 1990s: American Pop Culture History


The 1990s were a really intense decade. First we start off with a war that was about as one sided as they get — the first Iraq War (AKA Desert Storm).


Then we get the birth of “grunge” as Seattle takes over the way everyone dresses and listens to music.

Gangsta rap also had a huge impact on the way people dressed, talked and acted.

Sports became even more popular than they were before, but unfortunately my Cleveland Browns decided to move to Baltimore.

There were tons and tons of cheesy TV shows and sitcoms, but we can’t forget about what was probably the best sitcom of all time: Seinfeld.

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The 90s were a solid decade, with great movies like Pulp Fiction, great music like Radiohead and great cars like the Dodge Viper.

Just for fun, you can check out this goofy list of 1991 slang terms & phrases.

Learn a whole lot more about the 1990s below. Our in-depth profiles of various categories like fashion, sports and cars take you deep into the decade.

In-Depth 1990s Profiles

1990s Spice Girls

1990s Fashion: Styles, Trends, History & Pictures »

What clothing did people wear in the 1990s? Research 1990s fashion here with a year-by-year timeline & 50+ pictures.
1992 Dodge Viper

1990s Cars: History, Facts & Pictures »

There were quite a few great cars introduced in the 1990s. One of them is my all-time favorite car: the Dodge Viper.
Michael Jordan Jersey

1990s Sports: Facts, History, MVPs & Champions »

1990s Sports: Michael Jordan owned the NBA. The NFC owned the AFC. Duke ruled. Learn more with our 1990-1999 year-by-year timeline.
1990s Movies, Pulp Fiction

1990s Movies: What Did People Watch? »

Some of my favorite cult classics were from the 1990s. Movies like Pulp Fiction, Se7en, 12 Monkeys, and Natural Born Killers I still watch to this day.
Saved by the Bell (1990s)

1990s TV Shows: What Did People Watch? »

The 1990s had some of the best TV shows ever. We're talking about Seinfeld, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Twin Peaks, Full House and many more.

1990s Toys: What Did Kids Play With? »

What were the most popular toys in the 1990s? Research and relive 1990s toys with our timeline & over 100 pictures.

1990s Music: What Songs Were Most Popular? »

Nineties music was some of the most heartfelt music ever made. We discuss the most famous artists & #1 songs from the 1990s right here.

1990s News Headlines

  • In 1991, NBA player Magic Johnson announced to the world he had contracted the HIV virus.
  • In 1991 Jodie Foster won her second Oscar for Best Actress starring in the film Silence of the Lambs.
  • The Soviet Union dissolves in 1991 when Mikhail Gorbechev resigns.
  • Bill Clinton gets elected President of the United States in 1992.
  • On July 22, 1992, Pablo Escobar escapes from prison leading to a fiery shootout.
  • Pope John Paul II was the Pope in the 1990s.
  • Christian Laettner’s last second jumper against Kentucky gave the Blue Devils the NCAA East Regional title in 1992.
  • Michael Jordan’s father was murdered, leading to his unexpected early retirement.
  • Kurt Cobain reaches worldwide fame with his band Nirvana.
  • In 1995, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of double murder in what was called “The Trial of the Century.”
  • In 1996, Michael Johnson became the first man in history to win gold medals in both the 200- and 400-meter events.
  • In 1996, Hong Kong ceased to be a British dependency.
  • On January 6, 1996, the Prime Minister of Japan resigned.
  • Ted Kaczynski, also known as The Unibomber, gets arrested on domestic terrorism charges.
  • In 1997, scientists in Great Britain cloned a sheep.
  • In 1998, Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs to break the single season record, rekindling an immense mainstream interest in baseball.
  • Unknown Italian director Roberto Benigni wrote and directed the unexpectedly successful 1998 film, Life Is Beautiful.
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