1940s Fashion for Women & Girls

1940s Women's Fashion

Fashion in the 1940s was a little sharper, a little more trim, and a LOT more modern. And the women had some exquisitely glamorous clothes.

Now don’t get me wrong, during World War II it wasn’t quite as fashionable to walk around with a leopardskin coat as it was an A-2 Bomber Jacket, but as soon as the war was over things got more extravagant then ever before.

The classy women always wore gloves. You did not want to get your hands dirty out in the world!

There will be much more coming soon. We are just getting started on the 40s. Please pardon our dust while we get settled in!

Check out these fashion ads for 1940s women’s fashion!

1940s Women’s Fashion, 1940-1944

1940s Women’s Fashion, 1945-1949

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Last modified: Apr 01, 2014 | Written by Paul Phipps