1970s Fashion for Men & Boys

1970s Men's Fashion

The fashion breakthroughs that began for men in the late 1960s continued into the 1970s.

For years, men’s fashion changed very little. Hair styles changed more than clothes, and most differences you find are subtle. Starting in the mid-60s, men’s pants became more slim fitting. This was a huge departure from previous years.

The changes kept on coming and by 1972 it was normal to see a man in low-rise bell bottoms and platform shoes. This outfit would have been heartily laughed at just ten years before.

Men’s clothing got tighter and tighter. A large portion of the clothes from this era were made of polyester or a blend of cotton and polyester. Later in the decade, velour and terry cloth became a very popular choice of fabric for men’s shirts.

Two very different types of suits were loved by men of the 1970s. First, the leisure suit, which was introduced around 1972, exploded in popularity after John Travolta’s smash hit “Saturday Night Fever.”

The other suit was the track suit. Although the track suit is more often associated with the 80s (as worn by the Beastie Boys, for example), they were quite popular in the late 70s. In fact, sportswear in general was worn almost everywhere.

Men weren’t wearing hats anymore, their hair was much longer and they didn’t always tuck their shirts in. Facial hair was great, but if you didn’t have chest hair then you better get a really big, gold medallion to cover up your bare chest. Collars were wide and the pants were tight.

That’s men’s fashion in the seventies, baby.

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