One thought on “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

  1. Tommy Mccown

    Ready For Action Ninja Turtles T-Shirt” I Remember when M~TV” First Came on “!! We just got cable television, And we were channel surfing through all 30+?? Stations ” With are are Big Remote control ” LOL It had 3-Buttons Up!Dowm. off-On ” And by Chance we came across a New Channel ” That was A New platform to Show/Videos Of MAyby 20+?? Videos Looping ” Every 3?? Hours they would Start over to the First video and play through ” Again ” LOL ” Until little by Little they added More And More ” Videos to the Line Up “!!! But We Couldn’t Get Enough Of It “!! That Is The Youth Of America “!!? And Also Nickelodeon,Was very Popular “!! They had a spinoff of a Canadian Kids Show ” You Can’t Do That On Television ” And a Few Other Popular Children’s Shows ” and Of Course You Can’t Forget The Smurfs ” Awesome Show/Cartoon ” And Fraggle Rock ” Thanks for Putting Up With Me ” God bless you all “!! Shalom “


What do you remember?

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Last modified: Mar 24, 2013 | Written by Paul Phipps