List of Vintage Lamp Manufacturers

Vintage Lamps

It is without question that the most glamorous lamps are vintage. They just didn’t know how to make ’em cheap back then. Fortunately, if you held on to your great-grandmother’s Tiffany lamp, you are holding on to quite the valuable piece now.


But did you know there are other vintage lamps besides Tiffany? Of course you did! But in case you are looking for a list of vintage lamp manufactures from the mid-1800s to the present day, we’ve provided that below.

From Art Deco to 1970s Contemporary, we tried to list as many lamp manufacturers as we could find. Did we forget one? Leave it in the comments below!

List of Vintage Lamp Manufacturers

Aladdin IndustriesNashville, Tennessee1949-1999
ArredoluceMonza, Italy1945-1970s
ArteluceMilan, Italy1936-1974
ArtemidePregnana Milanese, Italy1959-present
Bradley & HubbardMeriden, Connecticut1852-1940
Craftsman, Gustav StickleySyracuse, New York1901-1915
ClassiqueMilwaukee, Wisconsin1920
Dirk Van Erp StudioSan Francisco, California1909-1977
Duffner & KimberlyNew York City, New York1906-1926
Edward Miller & CompanyMeriden, Connecticut1881-1920
Frankart, Inc.New York City, New York1920s-1930s
FulperFlemington, New Jersey1858-1935
Handel CompanyMeriden, Connecticut1885-1936
Heintz Art Metal ShopBuffalo, New York1906-1935
H.G. McFaddin & Co.New York City, New York1909-1939
Jefferson Glass HouseFollansbee, West Virginia1907-1930s
LightolierNew York City, New York1904-present
Mantle Lamp CompanyChicago, Illinois1908-1949
Moe-Bridges CompanyMilwaukee, Wisconsin1920-1930
Moss Manufacturing Co.San Francisco, California1937-1968
Muller FreresLuneville, France1905-1936
Nessen LightingNew York City, New York1927-present
O-luceMilan, Italy1945-present
Pairpoint CorporationNew Bedford, Mass.1880-present
Phoenix Glass CompanyMonaca, Pennsylvania1880-present
Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Co.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania1904-1926
Riviere StudiosNew York City, New York1910
RoycroftEast Aurora, New York1895-1938
Stiffel Lamp CompanyChicago, Illinois1932-present
The Emeralite CompanyNew York City, New York1939-1960
Tiffany StudiosCorona, New York1878-1933
TilaramNew York City, New York1960-1962

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153 thoughts on “List of Vintage Lamp Manufacturers

  1. Judy

    I’m looking for info on Salexe Inc. They made lamps in the 1950’s and had a company address listed in a 1957 San Francisco phone directory. I have a table lamp made by them but cannot find any info on the company on the internet. Can you help?

      1. constance martin

        I am looking for the maker of this French Bouillotte lamp, there is a slight mark along the side of the base, but, I cannot make out what it is.
        Is there anyway of posting the marking and the lamp?

        1. Neil Broughton

          Can anyone help me find information on a table lamp that is at least 60 years old. It looks like a street lamp that has a hanging, six-sided globe that tapers almost to a point. The base looks like a building.

    1. Dawn

      Have a table lamp very heavy maybe pottery or ceramic glass Italian or French design leaves. It’s very heavy has Berger Paid underneath top twist knob and 1969 Continental Art Comp engraving on bottom of lamp. Cant find value or info

  2. Judy

    I am looking for information on the Artistic Lamp Manufacturing Co. Inc. New York City
    Incorporation: NOVEMBER 25, 1922
    • Business Address
    185 HERYL ST.

    I have one of their lamps that I am trying to restore. I have a black and white “sketch” of the base but would like more info if possible.

    1. julia

      Judy, I too I’m looking for information on the artistic lamp company out of New York I am in possession of a brass and what looks like marble floor lamp I have been researching the company and can’t seem to locate any information on them let me know if you find out anything thank you,

        1. Aniel

          Hello !!!! I bought a lamp and I believe is made out of brass and on the bottom it says Cornell MS 1301, I’ve been checking yo find any info about it and I can’t find anything. I saw your comment and I was wordering if you know where I can find some information. I will appreciate any help, thank you.

      1. Pat

        Were you able to locate any information about Artist Lamp Manufacturing, NYC.? I too have a brass floor lamp.
        Does anybody have any info on the company, the value of the lamps and/or any contact information? Thanks.

      2. Lisa Perlmutter

        The Artistic Lamp Manufacturing Company was started by my grandpa and his brother, Myron and Henry Perlmutter. Unfortunately, it went out of business years and years ago.

        1. Pat

          Do you know if they produced a wooden floor lamp with a leather bell shaped shade. The shade says “artistic” on label but could have been from another base. The shade has painting of roses and birds but has darkened with time. I’m trying to restore it. Any suggestions appreciated

        2. Leslie Maley


          I have a tall black floor lamp with a milk glass shade. The base says “No 3. Artistic Lamp Mfg Co NYC Pat No 119670”. Do you know anymore about the lamp or anyone that I could contact? Thanks!

    2. Barbara Marrin

      I’m also trying to restore a vintage 1925 lamp and haven’t found any info on this. Please let me know ifyou come up with anything at all

    3. Becky

      I am trying to find info on a brown ceramic table lamp with a brass base that is marked “Artistic. B&B. WKS., ICP NYC (the N is imprinted backwards.) Could it be the same company you are researching? I have not been able to find anything on it.

      1. Douglas R. Racine

        Artistic Brass & Bronze Made wonderful floor lamps. You can look it up on the net, I have a super piece by them and really can’t find a similar piece. Look up Artistic brass and Bronze NYC. Good luck in your search.

  3. patti

    trying to identify the artist/mfr mark on my late 20s-1930 glass pendant lamp. tiffany-style in orange and amber. there is a rounded [looks like a half marble] piece of glass that has a mark inside…i wish i could post a pic. it’s one continuous line-look shape: small center box with a box at each of the 4 corners of the central one.


  4. Leslie Whitney

    Looking for info on old lamp with a F stamped on light key. I believe it is some type of fairy lamp. Looks like shade is hand hammered tin and base possibly brass.

    1. Bill Bartley

      Hi? Did you ever learn what the F in the key / switch stood for? I have a lamp with an F on the light bulb socket and would love to learn more. Thanks!

      1. Janet Booream

        My vintage lamp has an F on the switch and is made by Falkenstein. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about the company other than it made similar lamps to Ef & Ef Industries of the 70s.

  5. Robert Potter

    I have a beautiful lamp. Under the felt it reads CORMELL, CORNELL, OR CORWELL. (Where the M,N, or W is has a little crack so its hard to tell) Then a space and MC. THE NUMBER IS 1157. With very little letters stamped into it. I can make out Italy but thats it. So after researching it, I figured MC is for Marche or Macerata. The number I figure is the model number, but the the name I cant find. Do you have an idea?

  6. Sam

    I have an antique lamp from my grandmother and want to know more about it. It’s a solid brass table lamp with one glass ball right below the socket. A solid glass ball clear with bubbles in the glass. In a pattern the bubbles are in the glass. The only writing I could find is Goodwin specialties 250w 250v UL now I found that. That is the pull cord socket but as for the lamp it’s self there is nothing on it to determine anything can you help

  7. Garry Ash

    I have a vintage lamp that has s. n. s. co and 1979 . Can anyone give me some I formation on this company.

  8. Catherine Michael

    I have a tall thick solid brass square bass claw feet, middle in leaf pattern, column at third, topped of with 4 scrolls before the lighting fixing. I have seen one similar called a neoclassical table lamp. This one has a marking which is not imprinted but out printed?? raised above.. L & L 8334

    1. April

      Yours is similar to mine, it is a L&L WMC lamp (Loevsky & Loevsky, white metal castings co.)
      from Carlstadt NJ 1937-early 70’s…your model number is right behind mine so yours is one of the early 60’s models because in the beginning the makers mark only had L&L and #### , and later on, the makers mark changed to L&L WMC ####. The bulk of these are from the 60’s with some being from 70-71 and then the company filed for bankruptcy i believe. Yours should be from 1962-63 range…based on your model number.
      I’m an antique collector… Yours is called Hollywood Baroque 🙂

        1. Pam Mira

          I am trying to find the value of these lamps too. I have a pair of them. I bought them from a Goodwill store about 2 years ago in South San Francisco. They are beautiful and so are the bases.

  9. Mary K Collins

    Hi/ I have an antique Tiffany Lamp Style that has a plate on the base stating
    ” GOMP LIMENTS of Co.E.Bands 1920.
    Has anyone heard of this brand or company? Thank you. Mary

  10. April

    L & L WMC Co (Loevsky & Loevsky, white metal casting Co. 1937-1972ish from NJ

    M.C. Co (maker of GIM644) is another vintage manufacturer of lamps

    1. Alana

      I have a large chandelier with raised markings…GIM 443. BY MC CO
      Cast brass/bronze
      Triple tier design: the top is a waterfall design with two tier wedding cake. I wish I could post a photo it’s really beautiful and would love to know more about it. Not much info on the internet.

  11. Zaida

    Hi, looking for some information on a lamp that was given to me.The maker is L&F Motea, can you tell me anything about this?

  12. Judy

    Has anyone heard of a company Green & Green out of San Francisco area ? I have heard their lamps can bring as much as $500 k- but I can’t find any information on them.

    1. Skip Hoffman

      I just noticed your question over a year later in doing some research myself. There was a company called “Greene and Greene” with an “e” at the end. Extremely famous, they operated out of the Pasadena area and were architects of the Arts & Crafts Movement known for their intricate woodwork and innovative bungalow designs. Like Frank Lloyd Wright, they expanded the architect’s role to include designing not only the home but the furnishings such as furniture, rugs, art glass and lighting fixtures. If you do indeed possess a Greene and Greene lamp (and not some imitator trying to trade on the name by calling themselves Green and Green and operating out of California) you have a very valuable object indeed although half a million seems a bit high. If interested check out Google on “The Gamble House”; their most famous commission. Hope you’ve hit it big; good luck.

  13. Doug Ratner

    I have a pair of small desk / accent / table lamps , 22K gold plated, made from the B.S Co New York
    Any information would be appreciated

  14. Anne Festoso

    Have brass pendant hall lamp stamped M & H. Every part is stamped 1919 or 1921. Each of the 4 sides has a unicorn in center surrounded by grape/vines. The bottom ornament has a dragon head dingle. The top has 4 arms that end in small castle that attaches to ceiling part. It came from a Maher designed house in Kenilworth, Illinois. That house was built ca. 1890s-1900.

  15. Joyce Cutsinger

    We found a pair of what look like legs. They remind us of the legs on a treadall sewing machine. The legs have the following on them “City Art Metal Lamp Co”. I can not find any information on it. Can you offer any suggestions?

  16. arthur hansen

    I have a table lamp that is marked on the bottom A & (something) R CO.. The lamp is slag glass framed by decorative metal. Any information would be appreciated.

  17. Mark Stephens

    I need some help on identifying a generic name for a type of lamp that has a metal shade and when activated by a light underneath spins in a circular motion creating a silhouette on the ceiling of a room. My grandmother lived in Pennsylvania near State College. I believe the lamp was probably made in the Pa area but not for sure. I am guessing the lamp with the shade was from the 1900’s to 1950’s era. Thanks so much.

  18. Vicki

    I have a pair of old floor lamps that belonged to my uncles who were “collectors.” The mark on the ate o appears to be:

    K. MFG. LLC.

    It is possible that it reads:
    K. MFG. 116

    Any information would be appreciated!


  19. Neil DeGroot

    I have a what I think is a vintage lamp, might be classified as a “Gone With the Wind” lamp, with the markings “T.L. Corp” on stamped on the bottom. I tried to up load a picture, but could not. It has a hand painted bottom that mirrors an oil tank BUT isn’t and never was.

    Thought you might know the company.

  20. gerard

    I have a table lamp solid brass with inscription (bottom base) “LAMP FASHIONS LF 9.” I would like to locate the mfg co. and/or list of their products. It has G162 stamped on the top decoration piece.

    1. Linda Johnson

      I have a large hand leaded Tiffany style swag lamp. Also “Lamp Fashion MFC”. Extremely heavy with colorful
      Stained glass leaves and fruit. This lamp was at some time converted from oil to electric.
      The diameter 24 to 30 inches.

      Gerard, perhaps we are searching for the same answer?

      1. Linda Johnson

        Correction , Lamp Fashion MFG Co.
        Also, on the brass ceiling plate is 9089 SLIP AND L9088 SLIP

        This is in reference to the above info sent on Lamp Fashion MFG Co. Tiffany style swag.

          1. Stuart

            This company was out of the Bronx New York and has been out of business for many years. They used to make beautiful lamps and Tiffany style lighting

      2. Robert Pellettiere

        The lamps you are referring to that were labeled Lamp Fashion Mftg. were made in the Bronx, NY probably at 1100 Bronx River Ave. but there was an earlier location in the Northeast Bronx. the company was started and owned by Italian immigrant Nick Paletta. My father worked for them many years.


      I too, bought georgous lamps, ceiling lights a chandelier, and a hall light all ornate. I Even went to their manufacturing facility and (and brought a friend who also purchased. I had many compliments on them and I still
      have the chandelier and hall light in my home. However I have 2 ornate gold and colored glass lamps that I want to sell and I would like to know their value. Any way you could give me a price if I send you a picture?

    1. John Carroll

      I also have a lamp marked MC. The C is stamped over the M. There’s also a small number 1 on the bottom. It is a cast iron table lamp with a flower on the stem of the lamp. Painted gold color. Probably 1920ish.

  21. Rhonda

    Need help identifying a pair of lamps. They are large hanging lamps with 5 candle-lights each. They are made of wrought iron and cast aluminum. They are a bit gothic in looks. Shaped like a barrel, with a Mayflower ship as the focal point of each side. Inside the only marking is MAYFLOWER 90. They came out of a bar/restaurant in Signal Hill California.

  22. Gretchen Dziadosz

    I have a table lamp of two girls reading comics –the comics are dated July 1917. The lamp has a mark P.M. 1917. It’s a great old lamp my mother bought at an antique shop maybe 50 years ago. I’d love to know more about it. Can anyone help?

  23. Danny

    EF & EF Industries, Chicago. Light-up globe table lamps of the 70’s. Originally not valuable; however, since the value goes up every year, it has reached about $90 per each lamp. The pineapple version, top of the line, is the most valuable, currently about $190 apiece.

  24. Frank L.

    I have a Vintage Floor Lamp–61-63″ Tall–Inner Chromelike Tube enclose in Glass Column–with Grass-like etchings top to bottom–Glass is in 3 Sections–Each seperated by Chrome Disks with 2″/2′ Diamond shaped carvings under a metal holder for square glass shield–2″ Bulb Socket. Marbled Circle atop Metal Carved Cone to 8″ Marble Circle–1″ thick–Encased in 2″+ Engraved Metal circle and 4 tapered engraved designed legs. Only Mark is on underside of base. The # 1003. Pictures available if address can be sent. Am willing to bear appraisal cost.

  25. Kathryn Wisdom

    I have a torchiere floor lamp made by Radiant New York. I can not find any info, other than the company was purchased by Westinghouse. Hallmark is the word Radiant in side of a diamond shape with NewYork under it. Seems to be brass, with a key style switch, globe is missing. Could it be old or worth anything. It works great.

  26. Steffen Saabye

    I have a brass bouillottelamp, marked on the bottom THY867. Can anyone identify this mark ? Who made the lamp and when ?

  27. Ruth

    Hi,I have a Tiffany lamp copy by Lamp Fashions co. It was bought in the 1970’s.
    can anyone tell me something about this maker?

  28. A

    Looking for images of lamps and info for Mutual Sunset Lamp Co. (New Jersey company no longer in operation). I believe I have one made in the 1920’s by this company but need images/ catalogues to confirm. Cannot find images similar to mine on Internet.

  29. Betty Ann Fusco

    I have a reverse painted table lamp (tree scene) with initials W.B. #805\4410 on bottom. Who is the maker? Thank you

    1. Laura M.Ford-Marchel M.Ford-Marchelos

      I think it might be a Handel lamp. The WB is W. Brown, and the number is the model and details. Do some more research -Handel lamps are very valuable.

  30. Rachel

    I am looking for information about a pair of lamps with the name l l well on the bottom they are about two feet tall made out of some kind of metal with metal shades

  31. Kathy Lawrence

    I have two hanging lamps in my parents home 1960’s vintage I think. Each leaded fixture has one pink heart crystal in it. I thought my mother always said it a brand called “heart”. Anyone remember these ?

  32. Billy Bob

    Brady LIte…Paper label with “patented” paper label over first label. 1920’s? Only bridge floor lamp with “lens” built into the shade. More craftsman style than art deco…very heavy for it;s size/shape ….copper bronze? Have pics if interested. Can’t find any catalog for them.

  33. Jarrett L.

    I have a beautiful lamp needing restoration, I unscrewed the light bulb portion and a decorative plate hiding any wires. Under the plate the metal read “CORNELL M.” And some unreadable numbers. Does anyone have any info on these lamps? I can’t find anything myself. Thanks!

  34. dustin

    I have a old copper lamp with a stamp on the bottom looks like a bowl with four sections with markings in it and it is signed glassiove lamp co. Does anyone know any thing about this lamp please reply thank you so much

  35. Don

    Did you forget champion, I have an old chandelier five arm 2ft tall stamped champion AP. FOR. This piece has the coat of arms type design with lion dogs holding it this is part of the arms, anyone no anything about this piece an what the ap.for.means thanks for any ifo. Don

  36. Betty Henson

    Trying to identify maker of cast metal banquet oil lamp from late 1800’s. It is stamped on the bottom of the base SS NY.

    1. Cyndi

      I just picked up a table lamp with the same maker on the bottom. S S NY. I can’t find anything about the lamp or the company.

      1. Edward

        Have a slag glass tablelamp 20high and 24″ wide 6 sided lower portion.
        The base has S S and beneth that 3. They’re cast in the base.
        Know who that is? Value?

  37. B

    Anyone hear of W&E co? I’ve got a vintage brass/iron, jadeite, bridge arm floor lamp. The model number is too rusted to read, but doesn’t matter anyhow since I can’t fine W&E co. Estimate circa 1920-1940.

    1. Barb J

      Did you ever get any info on your lamp? I also have one manufactured by W&E Co. Stamped E520. I can’t find any info either! Let me know!

    2. Laura M.Ford-Marchel M.Ford-Marchelos

      I too just bought a lamp with these markings on it. I found one on eBay that some a%%h8le jacked with and ruined and had the nerve to ask a big price for. It’s even missing the shade and has been Frankensteined together.I paid a reasonable price for mine-no giant bargain, but not a ripoff, and almost everything except for the wiring is original.Please email me if you learn anything more. Will also do research.Dates on line are all over the place, but mine is art deco-1920s to 1940s, jadeite base.

  38. Deborah

    I have the top globe from a large hurricane lamp. It’s approximately 13+1/2 inches in diameter. The base I’m looking for would have a lower globe with circular rut this globe top would fit in. It’s also hand painted glass with peach hombre background and hand painted pink roses, green leaves, or generic colors. I believe they’re called gone with the wind lamps.

  39. Toni M Sapia

    Im looking for information regarding a Capri Original lamp. It is an ornately sculpted resin with a velvet shade and some velvet inlay on the lamp itself. I cant seem to find info on the company or much on the style anywhere. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  40. Kaye Godfrey

    I have a hand painted glass Actna 255PG lamp probably from the 1800-1875 time period. do you have any info

  41. Greg

    I’m Looking for information about my ‘anglepoise” lamp
    On the bottom od the stand it has nr L1135 – 230, G&R T1

    Does anyone knows what G&R T1 stands for.?

    Thanks for help

  42. Annette Scott

    I have a hanging 5 pendant cascading brass ceiling lamp and on each pendant it is stamped L & L WMC 1970.
    it is all brass filigree pendants. It is not the Tulip style pendants but similar and the filigree pattern is almost identical. It is also stamped with the number 9044.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Todd Scott

      I have a 30 inch brass table lamp. It is ornate, a 10 inch round bottom with 6 about 1 inch feet. It has what appears to be a roman soldier carrying a child. The only mark I can find is on the round stem bellow the soldiers feet is stamped O Y O It is electric and appears to be a metal cast. I am trying to identify it but a search for O Y O brings up a thousand other things. I am hoping someone here can help me identify it?

  43. Brandon

    I have a Stern Brothers New York single shade, brass student Kerosene burning oil lamp. It features an adjustable mechanism, with dual wicks 1890-1900. My question is I have seen a few pictures of the same lamp with dual shades h has anyone seen one with only one shade. Also you can add this to your list.

    1. Marcy Pohl

      I have a Small Lamp, light pastel colors, yellow blue and pink, marked 1906, Paris.
      Is it Valuable? I can send a Picture if you want? Very pretty. Looks hand painted.

  44. bonnie paul

    I have a brass or bronze lamp with a sculpture of a lady wrapped around the base, it has a round tiffany glass mosiac shade. It has a name that looks like Mastemastr engraved on it and inside of the base there are the letter E in four places

    any ideas?

  45. Tom B

    I’m researching a Gorham & Co? cut glass and bronze double arm boudoir lamp .ca 1920s. High quality cuttings and fittings
    Gold washed Bronze fittings are stamped G & C with each part having a different letter stamp ( part number).
    Wondering if anyone has images of Gorham Lamp most I’ve run across over the years were attributed with catalog images but unsigned.
    Thanks in advance

  46. Kim

    Vintage 3 way lamp, underneath of base marked I.M. 510. Base pedestal of three koi fish. Amber glass globe. Ornate brass metal and tall candlestick. Falkenstein style or Hollywood regency. Clay ornate leaf pattern on globe. Can not find info on I.M. 510.

  47. David H. Clarke

    Looking for Paton # 2068079 foreign Rights Number 10 serial number 326831 also has MSLC 4474. These are two table lamps made of solid Jade…. they go back decades to my ancestors from England they were made by trilite… not sure of worth but was told by a good source that there is a good chance they are very valuable. Can you help me? I’d like to know history being they were in my family and they will find another home with my grandchildren and I hope the history year etc. thanking you in advance for any info you may have

  48. Janelle

    I have located a bridge lamp, underneath the base is stamped freidag mfg co Freeport I’ll. is that the original base? I do not see them listed above!? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

  49. Ronette K Coston

    I have gothic chandeliers and wall sconces.they are marked. Max- affca co. Do you know of this company?

  50. Mark

    I am looking for a table or bedside lamp I remember from the late-’50’s to early-60’s. The shade had a western or cowboy theme in silhouette and the shade or maybe a second inner shade rotated slowly which gave it almost an animated feel of light and shadow.

  51. Tabitha Chapppina

    I am looking for info on H.A Best slag lamps out of Chicago. I have one stamped kn the bottomed with thier name and patent pending. I am trying to determine the age and how to possible repair a broken socket.

  52. Reginald Hulsey

    Northwestern Art Shade Company, Chicago, and Mutual Sunset Lamp Mfg. Co. of NYC are worth a mention.

  53. Matthew E McElwain

    Looking for information on a lamp I am trying to restore. Only Mark is on the base and it says AP 122. Looks to be made out of brass. No other markings and I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciated!

  54. Steve Comaty

    What do you know about floor lamps manufactured by Brady Mfg in Detroit, Michigan? It’s identified by a sticker that says “Brady Lite” followed by “Detroit – Patent Pending”
    It looks to be a Gothic Revival style, maybe 1920’s? It has a brass shade with mica inserts and a flip up portion to reveal a magnifying glass for brighter reading light.
    The estate auction I got it from was a gentleman that was a Shriner, and he had a lot of Mason memorabilia.
    I found a similar style “Smoking Lamp,” but I can find no information whatsoever about the company.
    I can provide photographs.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  55. jamie

    i recently bought a table lamp with PM@1915 on it, but have not been able to identify the maker. Any info anyone could give would be appreciated. thankyou.

  56. Jennifer

    I have a table lamp that is stamped something Berman 1995 # 3something 43. Does anyone have any info

  57. Marge Scardina

    I have a pair of crystal chandelier swags with the marking “1973 LLC and the C is in circle” could you tell me what the marking represents? I know the 1973 is the year it was made because that is when I bought it. I am assuming the LLC is the maker, but who is the maker?

  58. Amanda corbett

    I have a bronze slag glass lamp, it’s electric with a pull chain socket and very ornate airplane fenial. It has the initials RY overlapped and in a circle. Does anyone know the maker?

  59. Sue R

    I was just given a large lamp shade marked SPECTRUM. It has 3 rings, each with 1 link attached, and a hole in the cap for a rod and finial. Any information on the company?

  60. -oiiiio-

    Your list should include McKenney & Waterbury and J. A. Whaley & Co..

    McKenney and Waterbury was a Boston firm that sold lamps and fixtured to promote electrification of homes and businesses. Whaley opened a storefront in New York in 1901 and made shades for several lamp manufacturers of the day.

    I have a McKenney and Waterbury lamp with J.A. Whaley ‘Poinsettia’ shade that was given to my great grandmother as a wedding present in 1917.

  61. Mike H.

    I have a metal lamp, globe shaped, looks like copper with inlaid metal fishes. Marked MFW GERMANY, I can send a picture. Above it is symbol of a building that looks like a lighthouse. I have heard it was a well-known company. Looks like manufacture around 1930’s. Has been in the family for a long time, mother bought it.

    Can anyone advise me? Thank you.

  62. TJ Wittman

    Re: AP. for Champion PAT. Hanging Bronze Lightfixture
    I have a bronze hanging lightfixture, it’s heavy, and fastened together by old nuts bolts the pieces that hold the light bulbs have a very old look as if it were an old candle dripping. I wish I could post a picture but I’m not quite sure how to go about doing that?? The markings I can find say ( and it’s just like the following) AP. for Champion PAT. This is on all five of the base that holds the candle stick looking where the bulb goes. If you remove the bulb the words Mexico are on each base. I checked Google, eBay, with no luck. Does anyone know how to post a phone on here and or have any information on the light? Thanks so much. TJ. My guess is AP was the person that designed it for Champion but I have no clue who Champion was and what PAT is unless it was for the the patent number and they couldn’t fit it on there?? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  63. Marshall Robinson

    I have a ships lantern made by Artistic Brass & Bronze Works. It is all steel construction and has a small brass plate soldered on it which reads MARINE-DIVISION ARTISTIC BRASS & BRONZE WKS
    NEW-YORK, N.Y. It has the original kerosene burner and chimney but has a short crack in the fresnel lens.
    I am curious about the age, value, and company history.

  64. Michael

    Have a lamp with 3 sockets surrounding a 4th. I’ve look up everywhere trying to find it’s maker/age. The bottom is clear to read and says 101 5LB OCT. Has a circle marble followed by the brass like material. I’m thinking this may be pieces together and it’s driving my wife and I completely bonkers. My email is and if you send subject lamp and then any info here or there would be lovely! Also has beautiful pinkish shades but I believe them not to be original. The lamp had a white glass bowl on the center socket or maybe even a tulip like I assume to be a diffuser style lamp. A magnet does stick to the lamp so I don’t think it’s too too old. I can’t find any other markings but the bottom may have been added at some point making it impossible to actually see the original bottom. The marble round slab at the bottom is white and brown.

  65. Colleen Baily

    I have a small cast lamp base that has the raised markings of:
    L & L

    Is this a marking for loevsky and loevsky before they went to L & L WMC?
    And what does the first mark refer to?
    There are no numbers printed at all on this base
    Thank you for any information

  66. Christopher Kraska

    How about the Globe Lamp Company. I believe they were out of New York. I have two of the exact same model, one in copper in one in brass. Great design and impressive size with two bulbs and curved glass protectors that slide in through the side the other removable and caps. Both of them work fabulously.

  67. Lou M

    I have a floor lamp made by Sandel MFG #824. Can you provide any information on it? I can’t find anything like it on my internet searches.

    Thank you

  68. Pat Higgins

    I had a dark brass and light pink glass globe table lamp that was donated accidently and I would like to have one reproduced. It was approx. 20″ tall of a Roman or Victorian lady. I have found the exact base on ebay, but not one with the “ovalish” light pink glass globe. It is named any of the following: Victorian Lamp, Boudoir Lamp, Roman Lady Figure Globe Lamp, Roman Lady Table Lamp, Victorian Style Cast Brass Metal Lady Figural Globe Lamp. Does anyone know of a company that can reproduce a lamp like this. I do have a picture. Thank you so much for any information you can give me.

  69. Amanda

    Looking for information on a “Victorian style” table lamp Limoges style stamped with SSNY can’t find any info

  70. Cindy

    You omitted Phil-Mar Corporation in your lamp category. Phil-Mar’s mid-century lamps were very popular from the 1940s-1970s. They produced the drip-glaze lamps and animal shaped TV lamps. They are very sought after today, and are selling for top-dollar.

  71. Cheryl Lundgren

    Hello! I am looking for any information about a 1950s lamp manufacturer that was in San juan capistrano, CA in the 1950s.

    Possibly Josef or Joseph in the name.

    My mother in law was a painter there. If love to find her a lamp from the company as a gift.

  72. walt schaffer

    We have a lamp that has been in the family for about 50-60 years, no knowledge of its origin. The base which is of a heavy metal, not iron, is gray and has been painted or coated to appear to be bronze. The underside of the base is stamped with an underlined G. Using a flashlight, numbers are faintly visible on the edge of the reverse painted shade. The outer surface of the shade is rough, as if it may contain fine sand. Does anyone have a suggestion as to the vintage of this lamp, the manufacturer or where I may information about the numbers on the shade?

  73. Malcolm Carroll

    A glaring omission from the list is Miller 1844 to about 1925. I have two slag table lamps, a signed one with a 1919 Pat date another without the date and a brass goose neck desk lamp.

  74. Jean

    I have a pair of brass table lamps, medium round base with a long slim neck. Round base decorated in a Chinese motif, dragon, chicken, medallions. Mark on bottom looks like a very small heart and maybe an anchor stamped. Lamps are about 24″ high. Any clues for a mark like that? I have a photo.

  75. Renita McClendon

    I have a pole lamp with EXGU (I think) and the number 6 on the base there are also two symbols that resemble a pair of crossed arrows with some kind of line above them. Does anyone know anything about this mark? It is a beautiful lamp and would like to find out anything I could. Thanks

  76. Marcus

    I have an old lamp stamped in cursive writing BUCH’S or something close and a 2 next to it, it has an old Leviton switch I believe the base is bronze…any information on who made this would be great thanks

  77. Cindy Bunch

    I purchased a cast iron bridge lamp at a flea market for $15.00. The only thing I can make out on the bottom is PAR AP FOR and the number 1147. Can anyone tell me any information on this lamp?

  78. emma

    could you please help me identify the maker of an old opaque satin glass shade with floral decorations, and a makers name where only the letters “Ro” are legible. its about 6.5″ tall and heavily built, the floral decoration patterns are deeply pressed in.
    thank you or your help
    Emma. Manchester UK

  79. Mary B

    Hi looking for more information on a 12 panel green slag brass base lamp. I would say tulip shaped. The brass or metal holding the “petals” are thick and solid. The edges of the “pedal” are laced. There also is a black “bead” type thing a couple inches from the bottom of the shaft part of the stand. Thank you

  80. Kirk Cadotte

    Hoping you can help me. I have a very ornate cast metal floor lamp. On the bottom of the base is L.D.B. & Co. New York 34. I’m trying to find the adjustable swivel ball and single bulb components. Maybe suggest other places to look.I’ve spent hours and hours and finally came across you.
    Please let me know if you can help me.
    Thank you. Kirk

  81. Paul Swartfager

    I have before me a lamp that I was told is from the 40’s. I believe it is brown glass that has been coated with white on the inside of the base and the underside of the shade. I sort of think the glass shade and base have been carved with 1″ wide lines they are pretty random and don’t seem to come together @90 degrees but come Close. It has three candle style type a bulbs in it atop of the base nestled in an antique brass 3 arm support for the shade. It has a rheostat built into the inline switch. lastly it has a pm stamped into the side of the base near where the cord enters the base

  82. Kathy Leitch

    Here’s a big mfg: VERPLEX, in Essex, Connecticut. Made lamps & lampshades from the 1930s through the 1970s. We have a pair of their black rod lamps from the 1940s (photo would not paste).

    You might also check out “FIREMAN BROS.” out of Brooklyn, NY. They made lampshades; not sure about lamps. We have one of their 1940s (I believe) lampshades, but so far haven’t been able to find any info about the company

    Thanks. Good luck!

  83. Phillip M Robb

    Need help identifying 2 old cast brass electric lamps. Hand numbered V/67312. Can’t find info anywhere. Ty for any help.

  84. Cheryl Luno

    Hi. I have a 3 bulb floor lamp with 3 way lighting. Gold in color and it says Berger A N D Patent pending. I can’t find it anywhere. Looks like it has 3 giant knitting needles holding the lights

  85. Sarah

    I have an old brass floor lamp with a beautiful Art Deco design on the base.
    On the bottom it had cast “ Expert Lamp MFG Co” with a model number of 1015? Or was it perhaps made in October 1915? Any info or links would help me identify?

  86. C*** B***

    I have a glass swag lamp with “1965 A&M Whitemetal” stamped on its top metal fixture’s under rim. Do you know anything about them?


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