Classic Car Pictures from the 2013 Terry Tuersley Benefit Car Show in Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio Car Show on July, 28, 2013

We spent the afternoon at a car show in Canton, Ohio on July 28, 2013. Of course I took my camera! I tried to get closeup pictures. If I saw a special detail on a car I tried to get a good shot of it.


Unfortunately a lot of the pictures I took had people standing in the background and I just don’t like that very much, so I won’t post them.

All in all it was a good show. Not too big, probably around 100 cars, and it was free — which is always a plus. There was a $10 entry fee for contestants and all proceeds went to the┬áParalyzed Veterans of America in honor of Terry Tuersley. They played oldies, which is always appropriate for the venue.

The people were nice and the event was completely kid friendly. The Tilted Kilt sponsored the event and The Spikeman spun the tunes.

We got some chinese afterward at Buffet Dynasty which wasn’t too bad. For what it’s worth, they had great service.


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