List of Vintage Toy Makers & Manufacturers

Schoenhut Gorilla wooden toy

This list of vintage toy manufacturers starts in the mid 1800s and continues into present day. This list included Marx, Schoenhut, Hasbro and 105 more. Hopefully this list comes in handy when you’re out and about at the antique mall.


If there are some major toy manufactures that are not listed here, please leave the info in the comments section below so I can add it to the list.

One funny thing I notice about this list: Hasbro decided in 1991 that they were going to buy just about every toy manufacturer under the sun. Then a little later in 1996, Mattel bought just about everyone else.

List of 108 different vintage toy makers

ManufacturerLocationDatesToys Made & Info
American FlyerChicago, IL1910-1966Trains, airplanes & accessories
American National CompanyToledo, OH1894-1941Pedal cars, pressed steel trucks, bicycles, scooters
Applause Toy CompanyNew York, NY1979-presentDolls, plush toys, Simpsons
AsahiTokyo, Japan1950-presentLithographed tin toys, die-cast cars
Arcade Manufacturing CompanyFreeport, IL1868-1946Die-cast cars, farm equipment, gasoline pumps
Arnold CompanyNuremberg, Germany1906-presentTrains & nautical toys
Auburn Rubber CorporationAuburn, IN1913-1968English Palace Guard toys, military miniatures
BandaiTokyo, Japan1950-presentLithographed tin toys, action figures, Power Rangers
Barclay Manufacturing CompanyWest Hoboken, NJ1923-1971Toy soldiers & die-cast cars
Bassett-Lowke, Ltd.Northampton, England1899-presentScale-model railroads
Gebruder BingNuremberg, Germany1866-1960sSteam engines, lithograph cars
R. Bliss Manufacturing Co.Pawtucket, RI1832-1914Lithographed paper on wood, dollhouse, games
BrimtoyLondon, England1910-1932Tin and later die-cast road vehicles
Wells Brimtoy, Ltd.Holyhead, Wales1932-1965Tin and later die-cast road vehicles
Karl BubNuremberg, Germany1851-1966Lithographed tin car, trucks, trains
Buddy LEast Moline, IL1921-presentTrucks, contruction toys, planes
Burnett, Ltd.Birmingham, England1905-1930sLithographed tin vehicles, London buses
George CaretteNuremberg, Germany1866-1917Lithographed tin mechanical trains, cars, boats, planes
Carlisle & FinchCincinnati, OH1895-presentElectric trains (1896-1915), marine lighting after 1915
Carter Tru-ScaleRockford, IL1946-1971Farm toys
Chad Valley ToysBirmingham, England1897-presentStuffed bears & toys, tin lithographed toys
J. Chein & CompanyHarrison, NJ; NY, NY1903-1979Lithographed tin banks, toys, tin boxes
CitroenFrance1923-1936Lithographed tin toy cars
Morton E. Converse Co.Winchendon, MA1887-1934Wooden housed, dollhouse, dollhouse furniture
CorgiHawthorne, CA1956-presentMade Mattoy in 1956, Mattel bought brand in 1993
Cosmo Manufacturing Co.Chicago, IL1888-1926Novelty toys for Cracker Jack, trinkets
Creative PlaythingsFramingham, MA1951-presentSwing sets & playground equipment
Crescent ToysLondon, England1921-1970sToy soldiers, metal & plastic toys
Dent Hardware CompanyFullerton, PA1895-1937Cast-iron and cast-aluminum banks & vehicles
Dinky ToyLiverpool, England1901-1979Dinky toys, toy car kits, trains, relaunched as Meccano
Dorfan CompanyNewark, NJ1924-1934Electric & mechanical trains
Dowst Brothers CompanyChicago, IL1890-1926Tootsietoys, dollhouses
Dowst Manufacturing CompanyChicago, IL1926-1961Changed name to Strombecker Corporation in 1961
Ertl CompanyDyersville, IA1945-presentDie-cast metal farm & construction toy vehicles
Georg FischerNuremberg, Germany1903-1930Tin toys, often unmarked
Fisher-Price ToysEast Aurora, NY1930-presentBecame of wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel in 1993
Gebruder FleischmannNuremberg, Germany1887-presentTin cars in the 20s & 30s, took over Doll et Cie in 1939
Garton Toy CompanySheboygan, WI1879-1974Pedal cars, wagons, sleds, outdoor toys
Gendron Wheel CompanyToledo, OH1877-presentPedal cars, wagons, sleds, outdoor toys
A.C. Gilbert CompanyNew Haven, CT1908-1966Erector sets, magic sets, scientific toys, puzzles
Grey Iron Casting CompanyMount Joy, PA1881-1969Cars & related cast toys, soldiers
Grimm & LeedsCamden, NJ1905Dollhouses
S.G. GunthermannNuremberg, Germany1877-1965Horse-drawn vehicles, planes, comic characters
Haji (Mansei Toy Company)Tokyo, Japan1951-1960sMetal vehicles
HasbroPawtucket, RI1923-presentMr. Potato Head, G.I. Joe, Play-Doh, My Little Pony
O. & M. HausserStuttgart, Germany1904-1983Wooden toys, banks, Elastolin toys, dolls
J. L. HessNuremberg, Germany1826-1941Tin clockwork & pull-along trains
HubleyLancaster, PA1894-1965Cast-iron toys, fire engines, cap guns
Ideal Novelty & Toy CompanyBrooklyn, NY1903-1938Stuffed toys & dolls
Ideal Toy CorporationBrooklyn, NY1938-1982Sold to CBS in 1982
Ives CorporationBridgeport, CT1868-1928Lithographed tin clockwork toys, horse-drawn vehicles
JEP (Jouets en Paris)Paris, France1899-1965Lithographed clockwork cars, airplanes
Kenton Hardware CompanyKenton, OH1890-1952Cast-iron cars, Gene Autry repeating cap pistol
Kilgore Manufacturing CompanyWesterville, OH1925-1985Cast-iron cars, Stutz roadster, cannons, cap guns
KingsburyKeene, NH1895-1942Clockwork cars, trucks, buses, aircraft
Kirk-Latty Manufacturing Co.Cleveland, OH1894-1926Pedal cars, wagons, bicycles
K’NEX Industries, Inc.Hatfield, PA1992-presentBuilding sets, Lincoln logs
Knickerbocker Toy CompanyNew York, NY1850-1983Teddy bears, plush toys
LEGO CompanyBillund, Denmark1932-presentPlastic building bricks & systems
Ernest LehmannBrandenburg, Germany1881-presentClockwork & lithographed tin toys
Lesney ProductsEngland1948-1982Die-cast toy cars
LineolBrandenburg, Germany1906-1942Military toys, soldiers, vehicles
Lines Brothers, Ltd.London, England1919-1983Tin clockwork toys & cars
Lionel Manufacturing Co.New York, NY1900-presentElectric trains & accessories
Gebruder MaerklinGoppinghen, Germany1859-presentToy boats, airplanes, electric trains
Manoil Manufacturing Co.New York, NY1934-1955Cars & cast toys
MarklinGoppinghen, Germany1859-presentToy boats, airplanes, electric trains
Fernand MartinParis, France1887-1919Double-action tin mechanical toys
MarusanTokyo, Japan1947-presentTin toys, optical toys
Louis Marx & CompanyNew York, NY1919-1979Revived the Yo-Yo in 1928, electric trains & more
Mattel, Inc.Hawthorne, CA1945-presentBarbie, Hot Wheels, He-Man, Tickle Me Elmo
McLoughlin BrothersNew York, NY1855-1920Games, Acquired by Milton Bradley in 1920
MeccanoLiverpool, England1901-1979Dinky toys, toy car kits, trains
Mettoy Company, Ltd.London, England1933-1956Tin toys, plastic toys after 1945
Mettoy Playcraft, Ltd.Swansea, South Wales1956-1984Die cast Corgi toys
Milton Bradley CompanySpringfield, MA1861-presentBoard Games like Battleship & Twister
Mound MetalcraftMound, MN1947-1955First Tonka toys, Changed name to Tonka in 1955
MT (Masudaya Toys)Tokyo, Japan1945-presentMechanical & battery operated tin toys
Murray-Ohio Manufacturing Co.Cleveland, OH1919-1957Pedal Cars, wagons & bicycles, Steelcraft line
Murray-Ohio Manufacturing Co.Brentwood, TN1957-presentMakes bicycles & lawn mowers
Ohio Art CompanyBryan, OH1908-presentTin lithographed toys, Etch-A-Sketch, Disney toys
Parker BrothersSalem, MA1883-presentCard games, board games, Monopoly, Sorry, Clue
Ernst PlankNuremberg, Germany1866-1900Clockwork figures, magic lanterns, boats
PlayskoolMilwaukee, WI1928-presentTinkertoys, Weebles and other toys
Rich Manufacturing Co. (Rich Toys)Sterling, IL1915-1953Wooden dolls, toyhouses, rocking horses
Rich Industries, Inc.Tupelo, MI1953-1962Wooden dolls, toyhouses, rocking horses
A. Schoenhut & CompanyPhiladelphia, PA1872-1935Toy pianos, dolls, wooden toys
SchucoNuremberg, Germany1912-1976Clockwork toys & cars, mohair covered toys
Selchow & Richter CompanyNew York, NY1867-1986Parcheesi, Scrabble, Pin the Tail on the Donkey
SHTokyo, Japan1959-presentHorikawa Toys, Battery operated space toys
J. & E. StevensCromwell, CT1843-1930sCast iron toys, banks, jacks, doll furniture
StraussNew York, NY1914-1940Clockwork wind-up toys
Strombecker CorporationChicago, IL1961-presentTootsietoys
Sun Rubber CompanyBarberton, OH1930-50,60-74Rubber cars, dolls, floating toys
J.W. SutcliffeHorsforth, England1885-presentTin toys, battleships, speedboats
Tipp and CompanyNuremberg, Germany1912-1971Tin military toys
Toledo Metal Wheel CompanyToledo, OH1887-1930sPedal cars, Blue Streak line
Tonka ToysMound, MN1955-1991Steel vehicles, acquired by Hasbro in 1991
Toy Tinkers, Inc.Evanston, IL1914-1952Tinkertoys, sold to A.G. Spaulding in 1952
Tyco ToysMt. Laurel, NJ1926-presentGames, toys, action figures, joined Mattel in 1996
Unique Art Manufacturing Co.Newark, NJ1916-1950sLithographed mechanical tin windup toys
Universal InternationalHong Kong1980-2000Dinky toys, Matchbox cars
Wham-O Manufacturing CompanySan Gabriel, CA1948-presentSlingshots, hula hoopps, fribee, super balls
A.C. Williams CompanyRavenna, OH1886-presentCast-iron cars, rigs, airplanes, tractor toys
Wolverine Toy CompanyPittsburgh, PA1903-1970Sandy Andy, Corner Grocery, housekeeping toys
Wyandotte ToysWyandotte, MI1921-1956Toy guns, targets, lever action airplanes & cars
Y (Yonezawa)Tokyo, Japan1950s-1970sBattery operated toys (AKA Yone or STS)

About Paul Phipps

Paul loves history. He literally read the entire 1987 World Book Encyclopedia when he was 23 years old. His expertise ranges across the entire spectrum of pop culture. He specializes in vintage clothing, sports collectibles, vinyl records and tin toys.

88 thoughts on “List of Vintage Toy Makers & Manufacturers

  1. howard

    We have a vintage toy car, probably about 50 years old that my oldest son played with. Underneath is the name Midwest, and Rockford Ill. We plan to pass it on to our youngest son, for his little boy. Thought you might like to add it to the list of manufacturers. It is quite crude by todays standards. It is streamlined but slab sided.

  2. Scott

    My great grandfather owned a toy company in Chicago. The name was
    The Toy Gun Manufacturing Co.
    1908(year) I think. He designed and patented the Rough Rider Teddy Pom Pom

  3. Bos Slama

    Cleaning out the attic I came upon an unopened (still sealed in original packaging box) metal car from 1940’s or early 1950’s. The box reads: Police Radio Car, 1 Only #566, (Unassembled), Metal Masters Co. Inc., 127-129 Catherine St., Phila., PA. Any idea what’s in the box beyond the given description?

    1. matthew mclaughlin

      Hi, I love it. I am guessing you do not sill have the Metal Masters? It was a small company who made pressed steel toys mostly. I have had 2 items. The first on a metal train very beat up and it had no marking but a person bid $125 right off so i asked who made it and they told me the only problem i had sold the other train for $150 but it was mint and i had not looked hard enough for company name i am guessing so it would have been worth triple that had i know. The trains were huge and all steel so it was a much larger heavier toy than the police car as that was diecast which was only made after ww2 until they closed in the 1950’s. So any item from them i am now just collecting as which also true with Ertl trucks + tractors from the 1960’s to 1970’s. I have seen a Metal Masters Die-cast Wind-up Toy Ambulance. So i think yours is about the same a diecast metal top with a underneath piece of diecast or it may be steel as it looks thicker with a with a metal handle on the passenger side to wind up the toy. Also looks like it has no wheels until you pick it up. So if you have it which i doubt i would love to buy it. Thanks Matt



    1. Kelli Willingham

      Hi Robert, I also have a D & L plastic futurist/art deco style miniature car. Can’t find any info about this company! Did you ever find anything?
      I have to solve this mystery!
      thanks, Kelli

  5. Paul Mills

    Dear Paul, i have a pack of toy pipes, unopened, by a company called Arcadia Mills Company of Phila., Pa 19122 The name of toy is Teeny Weeny toys for boys. Wanted to sell and could never find the toy or info on company.

  6. Kathi Fox

    Neighbor across the street had a board game that I remember playing. Would have been mid 50s. I’m sure the name was “High Finance”. Seems like a precursor to Monopoly, but slightly different. There were businesses, like a candy store, that you bought, got a paper deed to. Don’t remember much else about how it was played, just that markers moved around a trail on a board, you could bid for businesses you wanted to buy, with play money. One player functioned as the banker. Thought it was made by Milton Bradley, but could have been Parker Bros. Really loved that game, even more than Monopoly. Have any idea who made, are there any left in existence? Have looked on other sites, but can’t find.

    1. Rachel Boyd

      I have a game called Careers thats from 60s also like yours Parker Brothers I also have a stuffed Mohair Shnouser from the 50s a company called Avlon mad in Japan but also has Strousburg PA on the label if anyone knows anything

      1. matthew mclaughlin

        I have 2 Careers games what did you want to know? I am also trying to find the dog as it is pretty hard but i have not given up. Thanks

    2. Mel

      I have a game called “Finance and Fortune” by Parker Brothers, which predates Monopoly. There isn’t a candy store, but one of the corners is a “Carnival” spot. The houses and pieces are made of wood. I wonder i this is what you’re thinking of?

  7. Allan Haynes (England)

    Have come across a tinplate clockwork loco marked JAJ Made in Germany. Early 20th century. Have never heard of this maker. Any clues ??

  8. Carl Kinsella

    I have found a wooden play set called Gallops Riding School. On the lid it says made in Great Britain by Park Toys, with the slogan “Simply the best toys for years”, with a picture of a squirrel. It’s good quality with the figures being very similar to Britain’s. Unfortunately I can’t find any reference to Park Toys, does anyone have any idea who they were? From the illustration on the box I would say it’s a 1960s/70s toy. Any information would be much appreciated.

  9. Elisa

    In trying to find information on a toy company out of Brooklyn n.y. it’s called Broadway toy co game you ever heard if such a place?

  10. Russell Weaver

    Would you know the Chinese manufacturer of the Reproduction Lionel Boats 43 & 44 ?
    Have a similar project in mind & would like to get a proposal … or, other tin boat manufacturers. Thanks,
    Russ Weaver
    Easton, MD

  11. mryns

    Anyone identify MFCo. Michael Falk and Co maker of cast iron toy cannons and ? may of these from national parks yet no information re this maker?


    mr yns

    1. Joe roberts

      Hi there was wondering what you have found out about mf co toy co. I also have some cannons I would love to get info o n theses any feel free to message thank yoj all

  12. Joanne A

    I have 24 antique lead figures – 11 Lead horses (5 tan, 6 white) and 13 cowboys, several bearing the label
    ” FRANCHAL,Made in France, Unbreakable” on the underside. I think these were probably made between 1925-1935 because my father-in-law (1918-1983) collected many, many lead soldiers, canons, cowboys etc when he was growing up. I can find nothing on the internet about this company.

    1. Jo Olson

      Hello, can anyone help me? My uncle has a stuffed dog and I’m looking for information about it. The tag on it’s ear says Coburg and in German it says, ” Visit the 900 year old town between Thuringer forest and Main Ladt for your visit.” Then hand written it says, “Made in Western Germany handmade in Peter Lel’s toyworks from Coburg.” I’m not positive about Peter’s last name. It could be Lel or Leh. There is no date on the tag. I’m wondering how old this dog is and what it would be worth. My uncle doesn’t know anything about it since he purchased it at a garage sale. He has had it for about ten years.

  13. nick

    Looking for information on a Milwuakee toy maker I found a wood model car kit called Challenger Models – world wide hobbies – Milwaukee Wisconsin usa.

    Im having a real hard time finding anything out about it please help.

  14. Stephen Ellis

    I collect all kinds of banks, still and mechanical.
    I i just bought a cast iron head and shoulder one, looks like a Clown,
    Label on bottom shows New England Die Casting Co, 445 Front St., West Haven, Conn
    I can not find anything about the maker nor the date of the bank.
    I think it may be from the 50’s
    Can you help me
    Thank you
    Also do have a book on the makers shown in your web site?

  15. Kim

    Hello, I am looking for some information on a clock work wind-up figure. The man on the box says Paddy Slanter Drinking Sam when its wound up it shakes and drinks his bottle of beer. Do you know anything about this and what it is worth? I can not find it online. Thank you for your time!

  16. Paresh Chawla

    We are manufacturers of replicas of Lithographed Tin Toys and boats. Started manufacturing in year 2000 and have made more than 150 toys.
    I would like to know the names of companies in the world who currently are in to manufacturing Tin Toys. Would like to meet everyone or create a group of people who love this glorious art.

    1. Vladimir

      Hello, we looking for wind up Tin Toys , want start whole sale in Russia, please send us your terms.

  17. Alan Lashomb

    I have what i think is a promotional item made by Folgers Coffee no idea what year it is a puzzle never been opened what do you think.

  18. Karen

    I have one of my dad’s toys – the box and some of its contents. He was born in 1909. The box top displays animal and other character figures on it and is titled: “UmakeM The Home Toymaker Tools, Material, Designs and full instructions”. The bottom right of the box top says: “W.R. Price, 127 Fifth Ave., N.Y.” The left side flap of the top box has a circle stamp on it that says “No. 1”. Inside the box are the Instructions and the paper dolls to place on top of the wood before cutting them out of the wood; (the wood is also inside the box). Both the Instructions and the paper figurines identify W.R. Price, Inc. New York as the manufacturer. I didn’t see this manufacturer in your list of vintage toy makers. Can you tell me the year of this toy and how rare this toy might be ? Any information would be appreciated.

  19. Tiffany

    Looking for information on the “wooden toy and thing co.” I have an old wooden lamb rocker trying to find information on.

  20. Beverly

    My neighbor gave me a very old “Little Folks Funny Fold Blackboard” It has six sides, tri-folds, an abacus, 2 blackboards and the alphabet and numbers. The lable says No. 33. I cannot find anything about this item anywhere. He said his aunt (who is 98) played with it as a child. Any information I can find out about this would be greatly appreciated!

  21. Louis Stachiotti

    My parents bought my younger brother a “Pop Car” for Christmas sometime around 1964. it’s manufactured in Japan by the Pop Corporation It has a rechargeable battery,a separate charging unit. I need the rechargeable battery. Is there one that I could use with this car? The battery fits under the seat on the car. No one has a replacement battery. I wonder if you could help me.

  22. Dennis Sagvold

    I collect tin toy watches and an looking for information on two made in USA companies. They are Winwood and Selbros. Can you help me out ? Thank You Dennis

  23. Roger Lee

    Another vintage toy brand which could be included on the list is NOSCO, which produced plastic toy cars, etc. I have a NOSCO toy cannon made from bright colored plastic (green barrel, red wheels, yellow frame) which “fires” plastic projectiles. A fairly extensive variety of NOSCO toys can be found listed on EBAY and are usually reasonably priced.

  24. Richard Cummings

    From 1950 to about 1955 Dolecek Toy Trains were made in Oxford, Michigan. They manufactured Wind Up Toy Trains in several different models.

  25. Kirk Taylor

    I have a kick scooter that was once red with a white logo on the front. The logo has a white tower looking top with a word below. Below that is a circle with north and south America in it and below the circle is the word line. The scooter has ORCO Air-King tires.
    Does this sound like a logo that you know?

  26. Dennis Sagvold

    I am still looking for information on two tin toy manufacturers Winwood and Silbro. Winwood is a registered name. Would like location and years in business. The items I have are tin toy watches . Thank You, Dennis

  27. dennis rylee

    Smith Miller; Rossmoyne; Both names are assoc. with very high quality pressed steel and cast aluminum toy trucks from the 50’s.

  28. John McLeod

    I just purchased an electric steam engine at an antique store. It is marked Major Toy co. Detroit Mi. Any idea of age, or manufacture? Thanks

  29. Andy Doetsch

    My name is Andy Doetsch and as a kid, I used to live in Webster, NY. While there in the early 1960s, my dad started a business called Treencraft Playthings (or Playtoys or something like that) in which he designed and built wooden take-apart toys and sold them. The business was only in existence for a few years as we moved to Rifton, NY in about 1967-ish where we lived in Woodcrest (a community…you might’ve heard of it). There is a possibility that he continued to make these wooden toys there and they might be called/labeled something like “Woodcrest Community Toys (or Playthings).

    My question to you is, have you ever come across a wooden play toy with that label stamped or maybe even wood-burned into the bottom of it? I vaguely remember a take-apart truck, but I know there were other designs of toys.

    Dad is gone now…he passed away in 2006. What spawned this whole new quest is, my cousin who lives on a farm in Upstate NY found several large trays of wooden parts that his father (my dad’s brother) acquired from my dad. I would love to find/get ahold of one (or more) of the toys Dad built back then and see if we have enough parts to put together another toy or two for MY grandson.

    If you have seen or maybe know the whereabouts of any Treencraft (or maybe it was Treen Craft) wooden toys, I would really appreciate you steering me in that direction!

    Thank you for your time.


    Andy Doetsch
    Atlanta, GA

  30. Faye Mansour

    I’m trying to find info on a plush dinosaur with a worn Tush tag that has GUL Craft on it. I have searched everywhere for info on this and find zero.
    Does anyone have any idea about this company ?
    It might be Gulcraft instead of GUL Craft,

    1. Mark Garvin

      It’s one word, Faye: Gulcraft. They made some really endearing dinosaurs, didn’t they? Unfortunately the company seems to have gone out of business years ago. I saw quite a few of the rolly-polly dinos in various thrift shops in NYC for a while.

  31. William

    I have a set of wooden spoked rubber tired wagon/ baby buggy wheels that have the name sturgis in the metal hub I have been Unsuccessful in finding any history on them can you point me in the right direction
    – bill

  32. Heidi

    My husband had a battery operated fire truck that has no manufacturer in it. Just that it was made in Hong Kong. Looks to be made in the 1970 or 1980. The only clue is an oil lamp, aladins, with a circle around it. Does anyone have any clue??

  33. James Sinclair

    I have a circus wagon, pulled by one horse, labeled “overland circus”. the cast iron is imprinted with Iron Art and JM 109. I can’t any info on Iron Art as a mfg. Do you have any info about Iron Art, year made etc.

    1. Neil Talbot

      They also made outdoor BBQ grills and were owned for a time by the Henry Katz Organization who had offices at 200 Fifth Ave, NYC, NY

  34. Sue Jones

    I have a very old doll with a pot head and cloth body. The back of her neck is inscribed
    I have tried to find out about her but no luck do you have any information please?

  35. microbuss

    just so you know Corgi was sold off in 1995 by Mattel & was known as Corgi Classics Limited
    Was sold to Hornby in May 1 2008

    I do have ALOT of plastic vehicles too

    I haven’t seen Tyco name since the early 2000s
    I do wish I could buy the Tyco name from Mattel though
    Tyco made trains until 1993

  36. Laurie Evans

    I have a doll pram (puppenwagen) made by HASA. I believe it was a German or Austrian company. It has an art deco look so am guessing 1930 or 1940’s. I saw a similar picture on Pinterest and the caption said 1950 but mine may be a little older. Do you have any information on this manufacturer? I’m interested in learning about the company and the value of this doll pram.


    Hi have you ever heard of a company called Holiday Toy co out of Newark NJ? I appreciate any info thank you Kasren

  38. john

    I cant id 2 toys I had in the mid to late 60s in the nj area.One was a plastic tire shaped wheel that stood up on the end(like a hot wheels carrying case) and you drop a marble in the hole in the top and it falls down thru a maze but you can turn the maze with a handle on the side to make the marble drop faster out through a hole on the bottom.The other is one where you had a white powder and mix it with water? to make small bricks then you could make a building or garage,etc.Any info would be appreciated!!!

  39. Missy Kelly

    Someone called me today asked me to look up a toy that she and her sister remember Maggie Mag Power. It’s a magnetic toy and all sorts of accessories get stuck on. I have looked on line but cannot find anything about it. I booked marked this page hoping that she can remember the toy company if I read the list to her but if anyone sees this could they get back to me.

  40. Cathy W.

    I found this while cleaning out my parents home what I believe is a 1930’s Spark Plug Stuffed horse from the Barney Google comics. He has a flannel blanket with his name in red on yellow,. Not sure who manufactured the toy and am interested if anyone might know.

  41. MIster Mac

    I’m interested in info about the ARCO Noah’s Ark play set that was a gas station giveaway in the early 1970’s. I see the name RAE on some listings. What does that mean? I have also found that they were made by the Wisconsin Toy and Novelty Co. Inc. and any info on them would be great. Thanks!

  42. Richard

    I found a red and yellow inflatable ball called “The Screwball” underneath an old house I just purchased…It says it was manufactured in NYC…I believe it reads…JP linno toy??? I can’t find any info on this piece…no holes and still inflates. Has a sand bag inside to make it act squirrely when it’s thrown. Artwork looks like 40s or 50s to me…any info would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  43. Donna

    Seeking info OLD childs toy label reads
    Sterling playful toy
    West Springfield Ma
    Has a patent label on it also

  44. barbara

    Does anyone know what company used an M in a Circle. I have found a die cast cannon that has this and it also says 69 USA

    Thank you.

  45. Paul L Daubman

    I inherited an old Casspinet Children’s Piano about 75 yrs old. It has one missing white plastic key. Can anyone recommend a source to replace the key>

  46. Jeffrey Gauthier

    I need to know about toy company Nucor Inc. From Edina Mn. I can’t find anything about it. I have water guns and sparkling space guns. Plus many other toys were made. Need some help about that company when started and ends. Crafted in Taiwan.

  47. RoseMarie Pellegrinelli

    My family in the 1930,s to 1070s worked at World Toy, Kickerbocker Toy . My father’s business was Animated Toy and Infants Wear, than Animated Toy, my Uncle’s business was LaMar Toy they made fur cats and dogs. My Godfather was Custom Doll, my cousin was Georgene Doll. Other companies I remember were Ideal Toy, Expert Toy, Picture Book Toy. Gunn, I think they manufactured Alvin. I would like to know something about them and if there are any living people I can speak with.

  48. Patty

    I have a stuffed 55 year old stuffed toy made my Jungle Joy in England. It’s standing like a person, wearing a blue and white striped night shirt with matching sleeping hat with a small white ball on the end. It appears to be a cat with a long tail and the material it’s constructed of appears to be mohair. The only tag I can find on it says Jungle Joy on one side and Made in England on the other and it’s attached to the bottom of one foot. It’s in extremely good condition and my neighbor said she purchased it in an Irish themed shop around 55 years ago in Lancaster, Ohio. It sort of resembles a cougar with it’s long tail. If you could tell me anything about this toy company or anything else about this toy I’d appreciate it. If you need photos of it I can photograph it for you and send them via email so you may see what it looks like. Just let me know specifically what you need to see on the toy if you would.

  49. Elan Merkel

    Hi. When I was a little boy I had a toy boat it looked like the boat from On Golden Pond. All wood The manufacturer I think started with a Z. Like Ziffeer or something like that

    Been looking fir it my whole life

    Maybe you can help

  50. Frank

    Any info on Trams Toys Wood Crafters Lewistown MT. 59457. or approximate .value
    I have a log carrying tractor trailer measuring 28″ long . has 4 vertical posts to hold logs

  51. Shannon

    I have a stuffed cat from 1964 that was made by MY TOY. He has a partial rubber face. His nose, mouth and front of his neck (where MY TOY and 1964 are inscribed), the only rubber part. He is mostly pink with a diamond patterned torso and legs consisting of colors that were once white, light pink and purple in the diamond pattern (now they look off white, light tan and purple). He also has paper eyes. He has always been my favorite stuffed animal and is 8 years older than I am. Since the company made a lot of stuffed animals back then, I think you should add them to the list. You can still find some of their stuffed animals on eBay. I ran across them because I was curious what other stuffed animals they made and if he was a unique cat and what he looked like when first made (he has been loved a lot over the years and faded quite a bit).

  52. Mel

    I have a heavily animated plush Poodle that winds up and plays a lullaby. It has an embroidered label on the bottom that is hard to make out. It looks like “Jerry McMilcan, Darien, Conn.” It looks to be Victorian to 1920s?? Can’t find anything on the web for this manufacturer. Any ideas?

  53. Christian

    Thanks Paul for putting together this comprehensive list of retro toys! I’m a huge fan of wooden toys, and this is my first time taking a peek into the history of the toy industry. I find the ebb and flow / rise and fall of these toy companies absolutely fascinating. Like you said about Hasbro and Mattel buying up various brands (often facing bankruptcy or other difficult circumstances). Just an example, I found out Jenga is tucked under the Hasbro. And this kind of conglomeration is seldom something the big dog is transparent to its consumers about. Thanks for shedding some light!

  54. sara brown

    I had a little toy stables called Windsor Riding School which when it was bought for me was in a long dark blue box with those words written in white

    I cant remember the colour of the building but what what I do remember is the stables were red & the names of the horses were ned blackie star & domino I think they were all brown except for blackie

    I had to fix the main part of the board “grass so i looked like a paddock which was green & in rectangular in shape the track was white

    A few little jumps came with it . I had it years but unfortunaelly at the time I broke it & had to get rid of it

    I tried googling where can I buy one without joy I searched for it on amazon without joy

    Do you know where I could buy one

  55. Mary Armstrong

    Is there any info on a black owned company, Webster Enterprises, or A Webster Toy, Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1990’s? Were not in business long. Produced toys.

  56. Hazelvum

    Our calculator to radio interfacing algorithms could potentially be of interest to others. We needed to increase their baud rate in order for the microcontrollers to be able to communicate fast enough before the calculator handshake protocol timed out. The le of the battery are covered and are not exposed.

    Femdoms tell you and show you what they can. Lesbian clip of minka. Melody Age: Our chiropractors, knead therapists and acupuncturist at Wenger treatment are intended to providing solutions to address your unparalleled needs, whether you are experiencing noncurrent pain, neck pain, headaches, or even contractor meanness and tension.

  57. Hugh Elgar

    How about Britains, Taylor and Barrett, John Hill and Co, makers of lead toys, all British.
    Simon and Rivolet, makers of lead toys, French.
    There is another I have marked RD on a lead horse.
    There may be many more from Europe I haven’t seen.

  58. Charlorre Rench

    We have 2 houses but do not know who manufactured them.
    They are hard plastic. One is tan the other green. They are trimmed in white plastic The fronts are slightly different. They are 2 stories high, with a ground floor.. .The roofs are removable. The green house has a black roof, the tan house has a darker tan roof. The roofs have gray chimneys They are10 1/2″ long and 5″ wide.
    The are on a gray base that is about1″ bigger than the houses. Each house has10 entrance steps that is 3″ long. There are 2 gambol windows. 1 on the first and the other on the second floor, a garage door on the lower level.
    Tried Revell, Grandt, MTH. No luck. Help.

  59. Lee Gifford

    I have an old toy made in England with the name YOGA on it ,you put a matchstick through it and flick a lever and apparently a sword passes through it

  60. Glenda

    I have a little very heavy metal child’s wagon. The sides have a graphic “taxi cab jr with a little bus”. I can’t find any information about it. Does anyone know anything?


    I was born in 1946 and have a memory of a Christmas present before I was school age. I find it hard to describe but it was like a deep picture frame with a 3D effect of Miss Muffet sitting on a tuffet eating her curds and whey. Pressing a small lever at the side of the frame , a spider dropped down from a tree she was sat under, and the spoon and bowl fell to the floor because she was frightened.

    It frightened me and even now at the age of 75 I still don’t like spiders. Have no idea what make it was and don’t know anyone who had something like this. Anyone out there who does !!!

  62. James Wilkinson

    Looking for info on the US Toy Manufacturing Company, USA that made lots of metal noisemakers through the 50’s, I believe. Can’t find history on them.


What do you remember?

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